Waxxxie After Waxing Oil 125ml


Removes wax residue and conditions the skin post waxing.

Available in a convenient 125ml (4.2 fl. oz.) Spray Bottle.


Waxxxie’s After Waxing Oil removes wax residue and conditions the skin post waxing. Available in a convenient 125ml (4.2 fl. oz.) Spray Bottle.

You’ll be ready for action following a quick spray of After Waxing Oil, a non greasy, all natural emulsion that removes wax residue and conditions the skin. With anti bacterial properties and all natural Tea Tree Oil, this non greasy lotion penetrates the skin to prevent the formation of ingrown hairs and bacteria related pimples and pustules. Now nothing can stop you!

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After waxing, spray the area with After Waxing Oil. A little goes a long way! Just 2 sprays per leg is ample to remove all sticky residue.


Waxaway’s After Waxing Oil with Tea Tree Oil:

  • With Tea Tree Oil
  • Removes wax residue and purifies the skin
  • Prevents the formation ingrown hairs


  • Can you be allergic to wax?

We always recommend you check the ingredient listing to see if there’s anything listed that you’re allergic. Always test the wax on a small patch of skin 24 hours before you use it. That said, the Waxxxie range is made with hypoallergenic, man-made resin and we don’t use any irritating fragrances to cover up any nasty smells. It’s dermatologically tested and proven gentle on sensitive skin.

  • What can I use to remove the sticky residue from my skin?

Our Aquawax products are completely water soluble. Sticky residue can be removed with a damp cloth. The cloth can be rinsed or machine washed afterwards.

  • I spilled wax on my carpet. How do I get it out?

Aquawax is water soluble. Simply remove the wax with water.

  • What is the best product for waxing at home?

Depending on what part of the body you’re going to wax, hard and strip waxes both have their benefits. Strip wax is ideal for use on large areas like legs or a back because it spreads very thin and you can work large areas in one go. Hard wax is more suitable for delicate areas like the bikini line or underarms as it don’t grip on the skin as much as strip wax. If you’re looking for an all-in-one product for home use, the Aquawax Roll on Kit is the most versatile product in our range. It’s dermatologically tested and proven gentle on sensitive skin and its water soluble, so any sticky residue can simply be washed off with water. The Aquawax Roll on Kit can be used on any part of the body and comes with 3 handy roller heads for use on larger areas like legs, smaller areas like the bikini line and for precision work like brows.

  • Does waxing make your skin darker?

When using the wax correctly, waxing shouldn’t cause hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation in waxing is caused by damaging the skin – for example when you don’t hold your skin taut before removing the strip and it causes skin lifting. When you follow the instructions carefully, there’s no reason at all to expect hyperpigmentation.

  • I’ve just waxed my legs for the first time and I still feel stubble, is that normal?

Yes, this is normal. At any time, your hair is in 1 of 3 growth phases. The first couple of times you wax, the hair that’s pulled out will be in different phases. After 2-3 waxing treatments all the hair will be in the phase where it’s still attached to the papilla and can be fully removed – leaving you with the clean and smooth finish you want.